Live Eco-Friendly With Gloucestershire Chilli Farm!

For the Environmentally friendly conscious

Did you know here at Gloucestershire Chilli Farm we LOVE being Eco Friendly? With all the horrifying media coverage and global concern over plastic waste, it’s easy to feel hopeless about the well-fair of our planet and the beautiful animals that exist in our world.

It was found that according to a 2015 study at UC, Santa Barbara, around 8 million metric tons of plastic waste ends up in the Ocean environment on a yearly basis. Wow, that is a shocking figure! Not only does it pollute the ocean and take a staggering 500 years to decompose, it also kills 1,000,000 sea creatures every year. As a company we are a proud member of WWF, a FANTASTIC Charity that supports the reduction of plastic waste, as well as the well-fair of animals and marine life.

Just by investing in a reusable water bottle and a bag for life, you are already doing your bit for the environment!

If you buy our range of products here at the chilli farm, that’s another weight of worry off your shoulders! We PRIDE ourselves in being friendly to the environment, whether that’s on the farm or in the chilli work shop. We make sure to mostly use sustainable packaging that can be recycled and won’t damage our environment. All our items are 100% Vegetarian too, so no animals are harmed making these delicious chilli products!

Chilli Plants 

Below are other simple tips from the chilli farm that you can follow to help our environment and wildlife;

  • Trust Nature! Lady birds are an amazing and natural form of pest control, so you don’t need to use harmful pesticides, this is also a great way to keep nature in balance. We use this technique at the chilli farm!
  • Herbicide Away! Instead of using harmful herbicides, use cover cropping where your plants grow, and manually weed once a week.
  • Packaging? No way! When shopping at your supermarket try to buy as much singular fruit and vegetables as possible to avoid more plastic waste. There are even supermarkets in the UK dedicated to reducing plastic waste by having no plastic packaging at all.
  • Coffee stop? Coffee shops such as Costa and Starbucks encourage the use of reusable coffee cups, which is why they give you a discount for bringing your own coffee mug. Investing in your own reusable coffee cup is a good call if you want to be eco – friendly!
  • Pop to the shop, or a drive around the country? Why drive when you can peddle? Bikes are a perfect eco – friendly mode of transport, not only are you reducing your carbon foot print, but you are also keeping fit, and getting fresh air! Avoid a stressful car journey to work by riding your bike, some employers offer cycling to work schemes. Walking is also a great way of getting to work, and more importantly keeps your heart racing!
  • Bees know best! Encourage pollination of your plants by planting a different range of flowers, whether this is in your garden or on an allotment, provides them with food! Here at Gloucestershire Chilli Farm, we allow solitary bees and other pollinating insects to access our plants and flowers in our ¼ glass houses by removing a glass pane, giving them room to fly in and out as they please.
  • Substitute plastic for beeswax– Plastic sandwich bags and cling film are widely used mostly to pack up your sandwiches for your lunch box. A big trend for the eco - friendly conscious is using bees – wax wrap packaging. This is made from organic cotton, sustainably sourced beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil. Beeswax wrapping is perfect for packing up your sandwiches or covering up bowls of food. The best part of these beeswax wraps is that they are reusable. For £12.99 you can buy 3 sheets and in a variety of colours. Just wash like normal when used.

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